Paper Add/Drops

When to Use the Add/Drop Form

  • For add/drop of courses which are NOT web-enabled (WEB = N in the Master Class Schedule).
  • For requesting waivers from registration restrictions for courses which are web-enabled (WEB = Y in the Master Class Schedule).
  • Use of Add/Drop Form is not applicable to visiting students.


  • Requests for late drop of courses will only be approved under exceptional circumstances, and such late requests must be submitted no later than the end of the teaching period for the relevant semester/term for approval of the Heads of both the course-offering academic unit and the home academic unit.
  • Students who need to change their pre-registered courses which are NOT web-enabled before they can add another course through the web should submit their add/drop request to the home academic unit prior to web registration.
  • Students will be notified by email of their updated registration record. Any add/drop request which is not reflected in the student's schedule or course registration record means the request has not been approved by the academic unit.
  • To verify your course registration, click Course Registration Records from the Course Registration menu in AIMS.

Steps for Submitting Add/Drop Requests

Print the Add/Drop Form in AIMS

  1. Login to AIMS with your EID and password.
  2. Select the Course Registration menu.
  3. Click Print Add/Drop Form.
  4. Your student particulars and the courses already registered in your current schedule will be displayed.

Dropping Courses

  1. Check the box against the CRN of the course section you intend to drop.
  2. If you have courses to add, go to Step 8, otherwise, press the Continue button and go to Step 11.

Adding Courses

  1. Go to the Master Class Schedule to check for details of the courses you wish to add and copy the CRNs.
  2. Under the section Add Courses, enter all the CRNs of the course sections you wish to add in the boxes provided. Use the mouse or press 'Tab' to navigate between boxes. If you have made a mistake in entering the CRNs, press the 'Reset' button and retype. When you have finished, press the Continue button.
  3. The course details of all the CRNs you have just entered will then be displayed, including information on available places.
  4. If the course section that you wish to add is full, check the Master Class Schedule for an alternative course section and copy the CRN. Return to the Print Add/Drop Form menu and repeat from Step 8.

Submitting the Add/Drop Form

  1. Print a hardcopy of the Add/Drop Form containing all course sections you wish to add/drop. Sign the form and submit it to your home academic unit for approval.

Print Add/Drop Form Demo

Click here to view a demonstration of the screens for printing the Add/Drop Form in AIMS.