Learning Outcome and Performance Indicators of Research Degree Programmes

To assess the quality outcome of Research Degree programmes effectively, the Board of Graduate Studies has approved the establishment of six performance indicators in evaluating achievement of learning outcomes by research degree students. The Six performance indicators are:

  1. Good quality research output - the type of research output can be discipline-specific, including journal article, book chapter, conference paper and/or artwork exhibition;
  2. Attendance in key academic conference(s) - the conference can be held either locally or overseas, in which students must have paper presentation;
  3. Coursework performance in terms of GPA obtained;
  4. Training in teaching by completing SG8001 course;
  5. Ability to receive prizes, and/or awards; and
  6. Ability to receive scholarships.

A Performance Matrix (click here) is formed to map these assessment indicators against the learning outcomes of Research Degree Programmes.

Individual Colleges/Schools may add additional performance indicator(s) which is/are specific to their disciplines. Except coursework requirements, these performance indicators do not possess threshold requirements, nor do they form part of the graduation requirements.

Research Degree Planner

Research degree students (admitted on 1 September 2014 and thereafter) are required to report to what extent they have achieved these performance indicators by the time of completion of research degree studies.

Reporting Period: Throughout the entire candidature until graduation
How to report? Students are required to report their achievements through the Research Degree Planner System, which is basically a self-reporting system and can be accessed by individual students through a personal account

Students can access Research Degree Planner following the below steps:

AIMS > Student Record > My Study Details (for Research Degree Programmes) > Planner > New Plan > Publication / Conference / Prize/Award / College’s specific assessment / Submission for Approval

What to report? While some of the data (e.g. course performance) will be retrieved directly from University’s student record system, students are required to input their own data on Publication, Conference, Prize/Award and College’s specific assessment and seek approval from research supervisor annually via RDSS.

Why do I need to report?

  • Students are required to print out from the Research Degree Planner a summary sheet (with supervisor’s approval) and submit it together with Qualifying/Annual Progress Report as part of the assessment, and at the time of submission of notification for thesis examination.
  • Students are also required to print out and attach a copy of the summary sheet showing their achievements when they apply for the University’s awards and scholarships.

Evaluation on the students’ achievement will be made on each individual student’s basis.  Students are required to update their achievements in Research Degree Planner on a regular basis.