Application for Use of Conference and Research Related Travel Allowance 
(Applicable to Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Recipients only)

A. Application Schedule

Please note that the application schedule is the same as the one presented in Conference Grant and Research Activities Fund.

B. Conference and Research Related Travel Allowance

Research students who are Hong Kong PhD Fellowship (HKPF) recipients are eligible to apply for "Conference and Research Related Travel Allowance of Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme" (hereinafter "travel allowance"), "SGS's Conference Grant" and "SGS's Research Activities Funds" to undertake conference and research related activities. 

Please note that:
a. Conferences that take place or activities that commence outside the period stated in the application schedule for the round concerned will not be processed.
b. Retroactive approval of travel allowance for conference/activities that have already taken place will not be considered.
c. The travel allowance does not support students to attend conferences or research related activities through participation in tour packages. For those who wish to attend conferences through an air ticket‐hotel package instead of buying a return ticket and arranging hotel accommodation separately, please note that such cases will be considered on a case‐by‐case basis, and if approved, no subsistence allowance will be provided.
d. The travel allowance supports the cost of one return passage by the most direct and economical means available. Change of itinerary without prior approval of SGS is not allowed.
e. Students are allowed to arrive the conference location 1 day before and to leave the location 1 day after according to the conference period.  For longer stay, students are required to obtain approval of vacation leave from their supervisor.

C. Application Procedure

To apply for use of the travel allowance, please submit the following form(s) with endorsements of supervisor and School Dean/Department Head, to SGS by the application deadline of the application round concerned:

  1. Application for Use of Conference and Research Related travel Allowance (HKPFS08); and
  2. (for research related activities only) Application for Research Activities Funds and Study Leave (SGS14)

The forms are obtainable from the SGS Website: Please read the guidelines in the form carefully before submitting your application.

D. Application Results

Students will normally be notified of the result in writing three weeks after closing of each application round.

Last update on 28 Aug 2014