Reading the Reports

Two report views are available: Advising Worksheet and Registration Checklist.

Advising Worksheet

Advising worksheet is the default view of DegreeWorks after logged on from AIMS. The degree requirements will be presented in detail under different blocks in the worksheet. The requirements will be shown on the left side; the courses that students have taken or will need to study will be listed against the requirements on the right side. Advising notes written by Programme Leader or Academic Advisor (if any) will be listed at the bottom of the worksheet.

As the requirements may change over time, "catalog term" is used to differentiate the set of requirements that the student is following. Normally, the catalog term will be the same as the student's admission term to their postgraduate programmes. Students are recommended to review the worksheet to keep track of their study progress in each semester, particularly:

  • Before discussion of study plan or course registration with Programme Leader or Academic Advisor;
  • After course registration. To ensure if the courses are applicable to the degree requirements; and
  • After grades been released.

Registration Checklist

It helps a student or the advisor to quickly identify any outstanding courses and requirements. It differs from the Advising Worksheet in that it has the detailed curriculum requirements and advising features removed. This view enables students to quickly identify the list of courses for future registration.