What is DegreeWorks?

DegreeWorks is a new web-based tool that CityU adopted in 2010/11 for academic advising and degree audit. DegreeWorks matches a student’s academic record against the degree requirements. It offers a user-friendly interface that helps students learn easily any outstanding courses and requirements and helps them plan their studies. It also facilitates communication between students and Programme Leaders/Academic Advisors, and helps staff members monitor the students' progress more easily.

The implementation of DegreeWorks is by phases. In 2011/12, all students from professional doctorate programmes (admitted from 2009 onwards) can assess this tool. In 2012/13, this tool is available to all students from taught postgraduate programmes (admitted from 2012 onwards).

What are the Benefits of using DegreeWorks?

  • It helps students to formulate their study plans.
  • It facilitates communication between students and Programme Leaders/Academic Advisors in the academic advising process.
  • It also facilitates assessment of a student's eligibility for a degree.

Can I register for classes using DegreeWorks?

No. Registration, including prerequisite checks, will continue to be handled through the regular registration system.