Credit Transfer

Under the Academic Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Degrees, students are able to transfer credit units to the University. Credit transfer is given for academic work completed and for recognised professional or vocational qualifications.

Students can apply for credit units:

  1. Based on an equivalent CityU course(s):

Equivalence may be established for a course, or courses taken elsewhere based on specific CityU course(s). If credit transfer is granted for an equivalent CityU course(s) the student is considered to have taken and completed, the relevant CityU course code(s) will be entered in the student's academic record.

  1. Toward a University or programme requirement:

Where an equivalent CityU course cannot be established, credit transfer may still be granted to count towards the programme requirements. A special course code that signifies the programme requirements with the appropriate credit units will be entered in the student's academic record.

At least 70% of the credit units required for an award of the University must be earned by the successful completion of courses required by the programme concerned.1 & 2 

Transferred credit units do not count in the calculation of a student’s GPA, except where special arrangements have been made such as credit transfer arrangements under joint programmes with other institutions.

Credit units for transfer are normally assigned with respect to specific courses for work equivalent in content and standard.

The following applies to credit transfer (i) between different taught postgraduate programmes at the University and (ii) between different streams of study at the same award level within the same programme:

  1. Credit transfer should be limited to a maximum of 30% of the total credit units for the award being pursued.3

  2. Grades from the transferred credit units may be counted in the calculation of a student's GPA for the award being pursued.

Transferred credit units must have been earned no earlier than eight years before enrolment at the University. Individual academic units may stipulate a more stringent requirement for transferred credit units, as deemed appropriate.

Applications for credit transfer should be made in writing for approval by the University. Applications for credit transfer for work completed prior to entry to the University must be made before the start of the first semester according to the deadline set by the University. Applications for credit transfer for outside work completed after admission to the University must be made immediately in the semester following attainment of the additional qualification.

Students should not take the courses for which credit transfer has been granted. As the University will normally pre-register students into required courses, students should ensure that they are not registered into such courses at the start of the semester.


For students admitted before Semester A 2018/19, the minimum requirement is 50%. 
2 The 70% requirement will not apply to students enrolled in joint programmes with other institutions.
3 For students admitted before Semester A 2018/19, the limit is 50%.

Please refer to Section 5 "Credit Transfer" of the Academic Regulations for Taught Postgraduate Degrees for details.

How to Apply

  1. Applications for credit transfer are usually accepted before a semester/term begins.  For Semester B 2020/21, the application period is from 7 December 2020 to 9 January 2021.
  2. Before submitting an application, please make sure that your studies elsewhere are equivalent in level and content to the relevant CityU course. The teachers of your programme will be able to advise you the eligible courses and qualifications for credit transfer. 
  3. Separate applications should be made for courses or qualifications completed at different institutions. Staple the official transcripts (or certified true copies) and other documentation in support of the application. Applications without relevant documents will not be considered. (Supporting documents will not be returned.)
  4. To apply, obtain the application form online (available during the application period only):
    • Login to AIMS with your EID and password
    • Select the Student Record menu
    • Click My Applications (for Undergraduate and Taught Postgraduate Programmes) then  Credit Transfer 
  5. Complete the application form, attach supporting documents, and submit your application by post or in person at the SGS Taught Postgraduate Student Records Service Counter, together with the required fees payment
  6. You will be notified of the results of your application by email. It will take about one month to process an application.

Fees Chargeable

The application fee for each credit transfer application is $140 (non-refundable).