Approved Courses for Research Degree Students

School of Data Science

PhD students are required to fulfill the stipulated core course and electives requirements.

Core Courses for PhD Students (5 Credits):

Code Course Title Credits


SDSC8001 Seminars on Data Science I 1 A & B


Seminars on Data Science II  1  A & B


One course with 3 credits to be selected from the followings:

MA8006 Functional Analysis and Applications @  3 A
MA8014 Advanced Methods for Scientific Computation @  3 A
SEEM8105 Quantitative Methods for Systems Engineering and Engineering Management @  3 B

@ A minimum of 3 credits must be selected from MA8006, MA8014 & SEEM8105.

Students are required to complete 9 credits of postgraduate courses as prescribed by their supervisor based on the relevance of research work to fulfill the programme electives requirement.