Showcase of Postgraduate Work

In May 2002, we set up this showcase of postgraduate students' work to recognise students' efforts and achievements and to provide a forum for peer exchange. Students' work from different Departments/Schools will be gradually added to this showcase.

It is hoped that this showcase will provide an additional channel for academic exchange within City University and will encourage students in their pursuit of academic excellence.


College/School Department Project Name
College of Business

Information Systems

Acceptance of Internet-based Learning Medium: The Role of Extrinsic and Intrinsic Motivation

A Context Information Centre for M-commerce Applications

The Design of Intelligent Agent Supported Exception Management in Securities Trading

The Evolution of Knowledge Management: Current and Future Applications in China

Integrating GSS with Hypertext: Hyperthought

Management Sciences

Container Terminal Storage Management by Stochastic Program Model

Dimensions of Customer Satisfaction and Market Segmentation of Hong Kong Supermarket Industry

A Study of Discrete Choice Model with Latent Variables for Apartment Selection

Time Series Analysis of Air Pollution Level in Hong Kong

College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences

Applied Social Studies

Summary of Research Project Total: 2003-04 Academic Year

The Effect of Expertise on Creative Problem solving

The Emergence of Community Regime: Local Institution Innovation and Neighborhood Governance in Shanghai (1996-2003)

Chinese, Translation and Linguistics

The Concepts of Hua and Yi in the Book of Poetry

Interaction Between Language and the Mind Through Translation: A Perspective from Profile/Base Organization

A Prosodic Analysis of Wh-words in Standard Chinese

English and Communication

Courses and Covariates of Perceived News Credibility by Chinese Audiences: An Experiment Study

Individual Globality, Media Dependency & Media Mainstreaming

Interdisciplinary Variation in Academic Discourse: The Case of Cases in Business and Law

Public Policy

Summary of Research Projects' Title

Housing Monetarization in Guying: Policy Innovation, Implementation and social Justice

The Moral Differences between acts and Omissions and Its Practical Implications

Parliament & Government Accountability in Banglades: A Comparative Analysis of the Role of Parliamentary Committees in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka

Pensions Systems, Policy and Welfare Capitalism in Hong Kong and Singapore

Property Rights Reform and the Change of TVE Entrepreneurs' Social Networks - A Study of Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China

Ti-Yong Polarity as a Conceptual Tool to Examine and Reconstruct Confucianism

College of Science and Engineering

Biology and Chemistry

Genetic Comparison of Two Different Grade Astrocytoma Cell Line CHG-5 & SHG-44 by cDNA Microarray Hybridization

Morphometric Changes in Fish Gill up[on Chronic Exposure to Chattonella marina

Civil and Architectural Engineering

Application of Artificial Neural Network to Fire Risk Assessment

Enhancement of Discrete-Event Simulation for Modeling Construction Operations

The Proposed Dotted-Edge Model of Interfacial Transition Zone in Concrete

Sky Luminance Data Measurements for Hong Kong Advanced Ceramics Laboratory

Computer Science

An Integrated Framework for Heterogeneous Decision Support Systems

Secure Cryptographic Protocols for E-commerce Transaction on the Internet

Electronic Engineering

Connectionist Natural Language Processing

Development of Broadband Wireless Access Subsystems in Millimeter Wave Band

A Novel Maximum Power Point Tracker for the PV panels

Systems Engineering and Engineering Management / Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering

Automatic Viewpoint Planning for Robot Vision

Conflict Management in Product Development Process: A Comparative Study of Practices in Hong Kong, Shanghai and Singapore

Organizational Learning (OL) and Learning Organization (LO) Project


Full-Vector Beam Propagation Methods for 3D Optical Waveguides

Meshless Method for Numerical Solutions of Inverse Problems

Physics and Materials Science

Advanced Ceramics Laboratory

Ensemble Forecasting of Tropical Cyclone Motion

Large-Scale and Track Characteristics Associated with Tropical Cyclones of Different Sizes

Predictability of the Northward south China Sea Summer Monsoon

The Northward March of the East Asian Summer Monsoon

The Oneset of the Western North Pacific Monsoon

Epitaxial Nucleation and Growth of Diamond Films on Silicon

OLED Material Design & Development

One Dimensional Nanomaterials

Plasma Laboratory

School of Law


Legal Aspect of Netting

Regulation and Supervision of Foreign Bands in Mainland China after China's Accession to WTO

International Merger Control in the Trend of Globalisation - Apocalypses for China