Degree Evaluation


Degree Evaluation Report

What is a Degree Evaluation Report?

The Degree Evaluation Report captures the academic record of a student and matches it against the programme's curriculum requirements.  It provides a comprehensive overview of the student's programme requirements and indicates whether the requirements have been met.  The report can be used for degree auditing, academic advising and serves as an effective communication channel with students.  In Semester A 2011/12, DegreeWorks, a new web system for academic advising and degree audit, is launched for the newly admitted students of six taught postgraduate programmes.  By Semester A 2012/13, the system will be launched for all new taught postgraduate students.  Please click here for further information.

What are the Benefits?

  • The report helps students to formulate their study plans.
  • The report is helpful in the academic advising process by allowing staff members to review the progess of individual students.
  • The report also facilitates assessment of a student's eligibility for an award.

When will Degree Evaluation Report be run?

SGS will run the report for all taught postgraduate students once in each Semester/Term. For both Semesters A and B, the report will be updated around Week 9. For Summer Term, the report will be updated during Week 5.

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Accessing the Report

For Students

To view your own report:

  1. Login to AIMS.
  2. Select the Study Plan menu.
  3. Click Degree Evaluation.

For Departmental Administrators

To view the report of a student in your department:

  1. Login to AIMS.
  2. Select the Student Admin menu.
  3. Click Student Enquiry (for Academic Dept) from Course Management.

For Academic Advisors

To view the report of a student whom you advise:

  1. Login to AIMS.
  2. Select the My Courses menu.
  3. Click List Student Advisees from University Courses.

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Reading the Report

  • The Degree Evaluation Report is divided into 3 sections:
    1. General Requirements view sample
      Displays whether the student has met the requirements of the programme
    2. Detail Requirements view sample
      Displays the programme requirements in detail and completed courses that meet programme requirements
    3. Additional Information view sample
      Displays courses that are still in-progress or are not used in the evaluation
  • The report matches the programme curriculum requirements against the student's academic record.  Since the curriculum requirements are codified, details of the coded conditions and rules may not be displayed in the report.  Students should always refer to the programme documentation for the detailed curriculum requirements.
  • The report is for reference purposes only and does not constitute a students' official academic record or graduation status.
  • As the same course may be used to fulfill different requirements for the programme, the report does not necessarily reflect exactly the student's plan to fulfill different requirements during the student's study period. Any such difference will be rectified and shown in the report of the student's graduating term.
  • In codifying the programme requirements, 'Condition' is used to indicate the requirements of each area. See illustration below:
    Condition Example Meaning
    AND AC3204 AND AC4320 Both courses are required
    )OR( AC3204 )OR( AC4320 Students can take either AC3204 or AC4320
    )AND( EF3205 )AND( EF3306 Both courses are required
    AC3204 )AND(
    EF3205 )OR( EF3306
    Students must take AC3204 and either EF3205 or EF3306
    AC3204 AND AC4320
    )OR( EF3205 AND EF3306
    Students can take either (AC3204 and AC4320) or (EF3205 and EF3306)

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Report Samples

A few report samples are provided below to help you better understand and interpret the report:

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