Approved Courses for Research Degree Students

Department of Accountancy

MPhil/PhD students are required to fulfill the stipulated core course and elective requirements.

Core Courses for MPhil/PhD Students:

Please refer to the list of core courses specified by the College of Business.

Electives for MPhil/PhD Students:

Code Course Title Units 2018-2019
Semester / Term
AC8900# Seminar in Financial Accounting Issues+ 3 -
AC8920# Seminar on Executive Compensation, Corporate Governance, and Financial Reporting+ 3 -
AC8940# Seminar in Auditing Research+ 3 A
AC8980# Research Methodology in Financial Accounting+ 3 A
  1. Apart from the above AC electives, research degree students can choose to take other postgraduate courses offered by academic departments at CityU or by other local tertiary institutions.
  2. # Doctoral level courses approved by the College Graduate Studies Committee.
  3. +  Offered to research students in the Department of Accountancy only.