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Research Degree Coordinators

For more information on a specific research area or research expertise in individual Departments/Schools, please contact the Research Degree Coordinators of respective Departments/Schools:

College of Business
  Name Tel Fax Email
College of Business

Dr LU Ye

PhD Programme Director

3442-8656 3442-0151 yelu22@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Accountancy Dr YU Yangxin 3442-7962
(Direct line)
(General enquiry line)


Department of Economics and Finance

For enquiries releated to the Economics area - Dr TAM Xuansong

For enquiries releated to the Finance area - Dr QI Yaxuan

3442-2163 /

3442-9967 /




Department of Information Systems Prof Kai LIM 3442-8045 3442-0370 iskl@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Management Dr WANG Long 3442-7181 3442-0309 longwang@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Management Sciences Dr LIU Guangwu 3442-8304 3442-0189


Department of Marketing Dr Jeff WANG, Jianfeng 3442-7981 3442-0346 jeffwang@cityu.edu.hk


College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences
  Name Tel Fax Email
Department of Asian and International Studies Dr Nicholas THOMAS 3442-5301 3442-0180 ndthomas@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Applied Social Sciences Dr Marcus CHIU 3442-5218 3442-0283

marcus.chiu@cityu.edu.hk or


Department of Chinese and History

Dr FAN Ka Wai

Dr JIN Huan







Department of English Dr Lindsay MILLER 3442-8854 3442-0288 enlinds@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Linguistics and Translation Dr Cecilia CHAN 3442-8792 3442-0359 ctcyhc@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Media and Communication Dr Marko SKORIC 3442-8990 3442-0228 mskoric@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Public Policy Prof FAN Ruiping (For enquiries, please contact Miss Cris TSAI) 3442-7488 3442-0413 saphdprog@cityu.edu.hk


College of Science and Engineering
  Name Tel Fax Email
Department of Architecture and Civil Engineering Prof Richard K K YUEN 3442-7621 3442-0427 bckkyuen@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Chemistry Dr Guangyu ZHU 3442-6857 3442-0522


Department of Computer Science Prof Sam KWONG 3442-8580 3442-0503 cssamk@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Electronic Engineering Dr Joshua LEE 3442-9897 3442-0562 joshulee@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Mathematics Dr Dan DAI 3442-5995 3442-0250 dandai@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Materials Science and Engineering Dr. Roy VELLAISAMY 3442-2729 3442-0892 rvellais@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering Dr Yong YANG 3442-9394 3442-0172 yonyang@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Physics  Prof R Q ZHANG 3442-7849 3442-0538 aprqz@cityu.edu.hk
Department of System Engineering and Engineering Management Prof Min XIE 3442-9596 3442-0173 minxie@cityu.edu.hk


College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences
  Name Tel Fax Email
College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences Dr Linfeng HUANG 3442-4828 3442-0549 linfeng.huang@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Biomedical Sciences Dr Linfeng HUANG 3442-4828 3442-0549 linfeng.huang@cityu.edu.hk
Department of Infectious Diseases and Public Health Prof Dirk Pfeiffer 3442-5781  3442-0589 dirk.pfeiffer@cityu.edu.hk


School of Creative Media
  Name Tel Fax Email
  Prof Maurice BENAYOUN 3442-4879 3442-0408 m.benayoun@cityu.edu.hk


School of Energy and Environment
  Name Tel Fax Email
  Prof. Michael LEUNG (For enquiries, please contact Ms Debbie LEUNG)  3442-7496 3442-0688 debbie.leung@cityu.edu.hk


School of Law
  Name Tel Fax Email
  Dr. Andre JANSSEN 3442-4179 3442-0190 ajanssen@cityu.edu.hk