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Chow Yei Ching School of Graduate Studies

Alumni Achievement


Doctor of Philosophy (2014),
Department of Electronic Engineering, City U

Morgan Stanley

“After graduating with a PhD from the City University of Hong Kong, I was eager to continue learning, this time from the industry. Morgan Stanley offered precisely that - a position working directly on the trading floor, with their production systems for pricing and risk.

My PhD in machine learning came in handy, as they needed people with skills in both mathematics and software development. During my time doing a PhD at City University of Hong Kong I had the opportunity to explore both practical and theoretical aspects of my research - from implementing a compiler to designing the machine learning algorithms that would run on it. This greatly helped polish my skills for the high paced work place I am now in.

Finally, and most importantly, I continue to be a student of knowledge and problem solving, as much now as before.” (Dec 2016)
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